March 21, 2013


inspiration for the competition!

on monday, i was participating in a photoshoot for my hair salon! they are entering in a national goldwell 'beautify' competition and my stylist that i have been seeing for five years asked me to do it. i was more than happy to considering the theme hair colouring wise was pastel oriented! it was a jam packed weekend and i was actually really happy to be modelling again! i haven't done any sort of modelling since last summer when i did another pastel photoshoot for another salon downtown. the only thing that made this photoshoot a lot more fun for me is that the colour is subtle enough that i can keep it for work! c:

so basically, i figured i'd just give a run down of the process!

last wednesday my stylist and i had gone shopping for a top and some accessories for the shoot. that was fun~ we ended up deciding on an american apparel piece. (while shopping, i scoped out the beautiful unicorn knit that i was wearing in this look!) it was a mint green chiffon crop top with the little puff sleeves. the point of the outfit was to colour block the hair and essentially not even match in any way.

on friday, i had gotten my eyebrows thinned and defined. (which is great because i really have awfully natural eyebrows and i have no idea what to do with them myself!)

the salon: athena by anstey

sunday was a big day! that was the day that i spent about four hours sitting down in the salon while my stylist did my hair. i am already blonde, so all she did was fix up my roots and then tone my hair to an icy white blonde which i had been meaning to go for the longest while. then the experimenting began! it was really amazing, actually. my stylist has been a goldwell member since they first released elumen and was the official elumen representant for eastern canada for the longest while. needless to say, she only had to process my hair once and the colours came out exactly how she wanted it in the right tones and placement!


monday was the big day and surprisingly, it wasn't as long as i had thought!

i woke up early at eight in the morning and essentially rolled out of bed. i was supposed to be at the salon for nine. judging by the light emitting from my window, i assumed it was bright, sunny and warm... well, the first two were correct in assuming, but the last one was completely wrong. it had snowed not even thirty minutes earlier and it was absolutely freezing. i, in my oversized knit and lace shorts, tattoo tights and oxfords, had to run back in and change into my boots as i had allotted enough time to be able to go out and grab a latte before arriving.

when i got there, i changed into my top and then got my make up done which took about an hour or so. i have literally never worn so much make up in my life outside of the thick, heavy stage make up i have had on for productions like the nutcracker, cinderella and fairies fey. oh my! the end result was very beautiful in my opinion!

taken from my instagram!

my eyebrows were done with pink chalk. heehee. the pale lips are my favourite only because i would employ that colour in my every day look! i was also too pale for the lightest foundation they had, so they had to blend in an excessive amount of foundation onto my neck and such so it didn't look strange! eep!

around eleven, we started doing my hair with curls and papers and pins. it was actually really nice, though, because there wasn't an excessive amount of hair spray in my hair. it proved great considering there was a tonne of wind outside, so by the time i got to the studio location, my hair needed to be fixed, trimmed and sprayed some more!

also from my instagram! i wore--
gold metallic collar // mint chiffon crop top // galaxy leggings

i loved the experience! the difference between hair modelling and just general modelling is that you have to be more precise. the photographer was well versed in hair herself and thus knew the proper angles and which shots would be perfect to showcase the hair and not necessarily myself. so a lot of the poses were incredibly awkward for me to hold. i dance and therefore am flexible and have good posture, but a lot of the poses were very broken and i was contorting my upper body in very strange ways. it was a lot easier to achieve standing up than sitting down.

the only thing that frustrated me, personally, was that i naturally am very expressive and i'm not really neutral with my facial muscles. so i was asked to have a neutral face but wide eyes and i just couldn't do it. naturally, it ended up happening a few times since my eyes are very big regardless, but it's hard for me to not engage the rest of my face. so i guess that was really the only adjustment that really made me freakout a bit towards myself. apparently the shots turned out amazing and both my stylist, the photographer and the salon itself were really impressed with how they came out!

we find out in june or so whether we make top ten, and over the summer we find out if we get to go to LA or not! c: fingers crossed!

afterwards my stylist treated my boyfriend and i out to a lovely lunch at a cute little cafe downtown! i had a tofu veggie panini with a little salad with a very sweet vinegrette (tasted a bit like caramel!)

sooooo yummy~

i know there seems to be a lack of photos, but i mainly took videos. like i said, i want to start vlogging more than i do blogging (even though it seems quite the opposite at the moment). in any case, i will eventually go through them and compile the clips in a vlog at a later date when school calms down with final assignments and exams! c:

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