March 16, 2013



purple hair bow x2 // pearl headband // unicorn coloured knit // white lace bralette //
acid wash high waisted shorts // white lace thigh highs // purple ruffle ankle socks // 
iridescent oxfords // pearl flower bracelets // cat face bag

today it feels like spring is finally here! i went for a more natural make up look with my signature white and sparkle eyeliner with the blush under my eyes and pastel lips, but i decided to scrap the copious amount of mascara i usually wear along with the liquid black eyeliner. instead, i left my lashes bare and used a soft brown pencil eyeliner. felt a little naked, but it was more of a 'day' look considering i'm going out at night to a show!

i spent some of my day out downtown with my boyfriend to go to our favourite vegetarian restaurant for brunch. we've never been there for the brunch menu, so we were really in for a treat! i'm that lame person that usually instagrams food but totally forgot about it this time! so now i'm going through most of my pictures from the burlesque show and am working on a university english paper comparing two female protagonists from lolita and blindness on their representation of women and also feminism today.

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