April 6, 2013


hi there~ i figured i'd write about one of my loves today; baking!

i've baked a lot recently. one was a total flop and the other two were successes! i found a recipe for strawberry whoopie pies that i originally was going to make for easter. they turned out tasting yummy, but the colour was off and they just did not look good. then i made my double layer funfetti cake with strawberry buttercream icing and that was a success. and the next thing i baked recently was a triple layer birthday cake cheesecake! except, it wasn't really triple layer...

i took this recipe from sprinkle bakes and modified it only slightly!

i essentially followed it to a t. it was different for me because i've only ever made cheesecakes that you do actually BAKE for five to twenty minutes. so it was weird doing a no bake recipe... and using the gelatin seemed random and weird even though apparently it's a common thing for cheesecakes? i used to do synchronized swimming when i was younger and we would use the gelatin for our hair to make sure it stuck to our head so i kind of correlate it hair gook instead of... baking uses?

mine ended up a bit different because i only have eight inch pans, so the layers ended up super thin.

so my cake ended up being; graham cracker crust, cheesecake layer, buttercream layer, cheesecake layer, cheesecake layer and then the entire thing is covered in more buttercream. plus i melted some white chocolate (♡) over it and put on some strawberries and used some vanilla ice cream to top it!

i also didn't have any white food colouring or anything and then i tried to make it a lilac but it ended up turning pink. :s eep.

i'll be baking again soon~ i have my boyfriend's brother's birthday coming up soon! going to tackle a peanut butter recipe. o3o meep~ i'm all baked out though. i dunno, i guess i don't feel very good about how they turned out. every one loves my baked goods! but i'm not very good at decorating things. :s

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