June 5, 2013

♡ review: tattoo tights (vered) ♡

i have an obsession for everything tattoo tights related. even though i plan on getting some thigh tattoos and feet tattoos, the tights just intrigue me. i do think they look nice with some tattoos as well. it's also really fun when people comment all shocked to think i might actually tattoo cat faces on my knees and stars and hearts and diamonds and alice in wonderland and plants up and down my legs. heehee.

so, when i found these on etsy, i was absolutely in love and ordered IMMEDIATELY. though the store sells mainly tattoo knee highs, there are some full tights options available. c:

and onto the review! c:

sakura blossom print on white tights

the shop is first and foremost based out of israel! it's incredibly far away from me in canada, but my goodness, was service ever great! i purchased these beauties on may nineteenth, which is a sunday. they were not shipped until four days later on may twenty second. which, is honestly not that long of a wait when you consider the time it takes to print the design onto the tights / socks. not even a week or so later, i received the tights on june third! it was such a surprise for me because i had expected the package to take a little longer than two weeks since it's so far away! but it arrived before i had even expected it!

it came in a handmade paper envelope. there was absolutely no damage done to the envelope. inside, i found the most adorable handmade tights casing i have ever seen in my entire life! it was a make shift tights package with construction paper and plastic to display the design. along the top was stapled and glued lace along with the owner's etsy store business card! i was actually really warmed by this. i actually thought this was one of the cutest idea ever and definitely helped make the order feel very stylized and cozy and very personal!

the lace detailing is so cute~ so homemade and pretty~ sorry for the light glare!

i opened up the package very carefully so i could keep it in the future! inside, there were the socks, and two notes~

the tights are seriously one of the cutest things i have ever seen. ohmygoodness! i was so so happy with the print! for its incredibly cheap price (including very cheap shipping) the design is very detailed and looks like it has been printed very well. i could find no flaws. no thread was unraveling and not a flaw could be found with the print itself. the print is featured solely upon one sock and due to its general shape, can be worn on the right or left side or facing front on, back on or towards the inside or outside of your calf! i love the versatility of this and i love the delicacy it brings against the white!

she also included a note for thanking me for my purchase, with a little hand written note on the back of it! hand written notes always make me feel so nice because it feels like the owner really does care for me and my purchase and bothered to write even a little thank you personally! c:

she also included a little discount code for my next purchase, so that is also very lovely! c:

overall, i am in love! honestly, my only problem with it is that the design is only on one of the socks and not both. which is a nice look, but i guess i'm one for symmetry and would like the beautiful cherry blossom design on both sides! but otherwise, i do recommend that every one make a purchase! she is incredibly lovely and the socks are really nice quality! she has such a large array of designs, too, for different tastes. c:

perhaps it would be nice to offer more coloured prints, but regardless, these tattoo tights / socks are AMAZING and i recommend that every one go off and buy yourself a pair! c: you will not be disappointed! c: 

♡ detailed review ♡

design: ♥♥♥♥
comfort:  ♥♥♥♥♥
shipping:  ♥♥♥♥♥
price: ♥♥♥♥♥
overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

links to the company //

right now there is a sale on at the store for a limited time where you can get 10% OFF all tattoo tights if you use the coupon; SALESALESALE at the check out on etsy!

happy shopping, loves!

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