August 14, 2013


hello every one! i got back from a nine day vacation at montreal on wednesday and i figured i would make a haul post~ i'm going to try to tackle the few reviews that i've been sponsored to do as well as i am so behind. i do have to apologize, i've honestly just been too caught up with several personal things that i've yet to all work out.

so i'll divide them into days~

super huge photo spam, so i'll put everything under the cut!!


monday, my boyfriend arrived around noon, so we ran to get our metro passes and hopped on over to st. catherine street and hit up the stores outside. i was incredibly excited, but i was absolutely saddened with h&m and forever21. i was really upset. i found nothing at either store. ugh. but, i was pleasantly surprised with brandy melville! c:

brandy melville
` too sassy for you' crop top
` donuts crop top
` white cage bralette
` light pink skater skirt
` dusty rose chiffon skirt

` light wash polka dot denim circle skirt

urban outfitters
` white cross back bralette

` white floral crown
` pink lace underwear


day two, kenney and i finally got to explore the malls on st. catherine street and also explored mont royal and sherbrooke area for vintage stores and vinyl stores~ we were walking from ten am to ten pm. we had a full twelve hour day and tuesday was the day i bought my absolute favourite dream shoes.

editorial boutique
` jeffrey campbell ballerina pointe shoes

` peach floral ornate skirt

` dusty rose striped dress
` twik white lace bralette

kitsch n' swell
` white babydoll chiffon top

` crystal castles iii (crystal castles)
` self titled (francoise hardy)

random record store
` japanese whispers (the cure)

` totoro phone charm


wednesday was a day for chinatown and any odds and ends around mont royal. we essentially spent most of our day in our hotel room with thai take out and watched game of thrones. because chinatown has a bunch of walk in stores, i don't really have names for either of the stores i bought things in, so it will be a collective haul.

` giant mew
` little hello kitty holding a strawberry

` pink silk princess nightie
` sailor moon necklace

` strawberry hello panda cookies
` hello kitty sugar stars

` papers for stars
` cinnamoroll wallet


thursday was a day devoted to old montreal, however it started raining! that really cut off a lot of things we wanted to do. so we retreated back to the hotel. later on, we ventured back to st. catherine's because kenney wanted to buy a few tops at h&m. i also had to pop into my new favourite boutique and had a bit of retail therapy as i was not feeling good at all.

` white sweetheart side sleeve dress
` white, blue, lavender crop sweater


not really a true haul, but kenney and i got our tattoos done at adrenaline. mine were done by kassy and  i am beyond happy with the result~ i also ran back for a sweater at brandy that i was eying~

brandy melville
` oversized white and light blue ombre pullover


my daddy was lovely enough to wire some money last minute for cab fare and a bit extra, so i went on a mission for my favourite american apparel dress! i knew they were there on monday, but to my dismay, the small was gone and the xs was on hold! but! they located an xs down on their outside st. catherine's street location for me! it was a perfect fit~ what a dream~ my boyfriend then dragged me to a record store which i knew i'd be too tempted, and of course, i definitely found something i needed; one of my favourite the smiths vinyl~ a day for favourites!

american apparel
` white tie back dress

cheap thrills
` hatful of hate (the smiths)

hope you enjoyed the post! i love doing hauls~ and i really really want to do a video for it some time soon!

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