October 13, 2013

♡ closet cosplay: ninfia / sylveon (pokemon x) ♡

just a quick update~ i worked release date for pokemon x and y and i decided to do a little gijinka! ninfia / sylveon! it was just a little closet cosplay. i love ninfia and i can't wait to get her in my game! heehee~ i'm naturally a super high school level fairy, so i was pretty much halfway to human ninfia already~ heehee~

so i figured i'd show you guys some photos! 

i decided not to wear the ears i made because they were too big and floppy, especially for work! meep~


♡ ninfiaaaaa ♡

hope you all enjoyed, my fellow pokemon trainers / coordinators / masters! ♡♡


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    1. i'm very confused by this comment, sweetie! :s ninfia is perfect for me both in personality, colours, even the type. every one always calls me a little fairy and ninfia is a fairy type. i wear tonnes of bows and ribbons and my entire wardrobe are pastels; mainly pink and white and creams. also, i was doing a closet cosplay of a video game for its release date and ninfia is just a cute lil eevee evolution that can have many different demeanors! ^^ hopefully you can read my blog sometime and get to know me as a person! and even if ninfia didn't represent me, cosplay is about becoming some one new. whether or not you "fit" them, as long as you love a character and wish to be them, you can cosplay them! thank you for taking the time to write this! though i am unsure of whether or not this was simply a spam advertising comment. ^^