October 31, 2013

♡ HAPPY HALLOWEEN (super sailor moon cosplay) ♡

happy halloween every one~ i hope you all have lovely nights tonight! whether you're staying home passing out candy, trick or treating or going out with friends, remember to stay safe and have fun~ heehee. remember that you're never too old to celebrate or dress up in costumes! let me know what you're all doing and what you're dressing up as! (or even a favourite halloween costume?)

i've posted a long while ago that i was planning on being super sailor moon~ partly because she's one of my dream cosplays and partly because i've been on such a sailor moon kick waiting for my tattoos! >3< heehee.

i'm not really a going out person, so i never went out to our big 'mardi gras' celebration to drink and celebrate halloween like most twenty year olds do here. i've had no time between course work and dance rehearsals~ but! tonight i'm going trick or treating with my boyfriend and two of our friends and then we're watching spooky films at their house!

i forgot to wear my tiara here!! oops!

does any one have a favourite halloween(ish) film? mine is prolly the mary kate and ashley film double trouble! or johnny depp's sleepy hollow~ ♡

and here are some full body shots~


unfortunately, i also had a four hour shift scheduled even though i asked for it off... so i wore just something really simple and cute like a female artemis~ heehee~

by the way~ my feather pins, tiara, earrings, odango jewels, and my bottom skirt brooch were all made by the amazingly lovely miki at uniquecosplayprops on etsy! i will have a review up for her products very soon~ heehee~

my boyfriend is my tuxedo kamen-sama~ ♡

have a great night everyone!