October 30, 2013


sorry, i had like five thousand reviews that i wanted to do and posts i wanted to make, and instead i've let myself become to overcome with everything. i'm actually quite upset at myself and all i want to do is finish school so i can have the personal time to blog, make videos, explore fashion and continue writing.

so here's a little post with a bunch of outfits from october from my instagram!

september twenty fifth.
pearl cat ear headband / pink floral headband / pink peignoir
cream harness crop top / white petticoat / tattoo tights

october second.
pink dolly choker / pink ribbon tulle dress

october thirteenth.
sailor moon necklace / pearl bracelets
pink floral dress / princess heels

october sixteenth.
creepylittlegirl flower crown / cream cardi
pink floral crop set / opaque lace tights

october twenty sixth.
fawn headband / white knit scarf / white cardi
white lingerie garter top / peach skater skirt
white knee highs / pink heart wedges

october thirtieth.
pearl cat ear headband / alli harvard x prince peter cat top

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