October 1, 2013


guys, i finally did it. i made my first, albeit small, taobao order. you don't know how happy i am! i am really excited because i've always been scared, but the clothes are just too wonderful for me to pass up any more. c':

i decided to use taobaospree first as their method seems very simple and i've had a few people that i follow on tumblr that have used them as a shopping service. i'm looking to eventually try yoybuy and bhiner, but for my first order, i went with taobaospree.

if you have any questions about taobao shopping service, there's a pros and cons google spreadsheet here. most people find it helpful when choosing a shopping service, but it's really all about trying them on your own! c:

the four stock images of the items as you can see here~

i purchased four items for my first order; my favourite pair of shoes, a dress, a crop set, and a new silicone case for my new iphone 5!

september tenth
  • 3 am : placed taobao order. 
  • 6 am : received a reply from my shopping service agent, cici! one of my items were out of stock~ :c
  • 11 am : edited a few items and resent her my order again.

september eleventh
  • 1 am : received an updated reply from cici and the first total i had to pay for the items and their individual shipping rates plus the paypal/shopping service fee!
  • 3 am : one issue with a colour i wanted in an item. cici asked if i wanted to change the colour.
  • 10 am : i responded to cici asking if she could find out the issue in particular, maybe get a picture. much like the day before, i assumed that cici would not reply until night time for me (time zone difference)
september twelfth
  • 1 am : cici responded at the time i thought she would as she had the past two nights! i responded within the hour and told her the okay to buy the shoes and thanked her for her concern and consideration. c:
september twenty third
  • 3 am : cici sent me an email with the final payment due and that all of items had arrived! i promptly sent the money and asked for photos.
  • 4:30 am : i received a reply from cici talking to taobaospree agent susan, that she will be refunding me some money because they made the package lighter somehow? a partial refund is a partial refund, though!
september twenty fourth
  • 8:45 am : cici sent me an email with my shipping confirmation and tracking number!
september twenty seventh
  • susan finally sent me the partial refund on shipping.
  • the package was delivered, but i wasn't there. :c the post didn't leave a slip either, so i had no idea what to do! the online tracking said it had attempted to deliver and that's all i knew.
september thirtieth
  • received the package finally~ >3<
♡ detailed review ♡

communication: ♥♥♥♥♥
price: ♥♥♥♥♡
shipping: ♥♥♥♥♡
overall: ♥♥♥♥♡

honestly, i found the experience very pleasant. cici's english was very broken, but she understood me and i understood her very clearly. she was incredibly quick to respond during her hours (keeping in mind the time difference between china and here) and made sure that i was all great to order! having to pay shipping twice (once to her, then to me) was strange and a lot for me since i'm used to very little or free shipping if the items were as cheap as the things on taobao. like, the double shipping ended up costing me more than the items, which was a lot of money. on top of that were the shopping service fees, taobaospree has a 10% shopping service fee which is pretty standard among most shopping services. apparently they get you a deal on ems shipping so that it's cheaper than other services, but i mean, if it's more than twenty dollars, it seems like a lot to me since i'm just not used to it.

i think my only issue isn't necessarily with the shopping service, but rather the few issues i encountered with two of the shops themselves; the first not having the item in stock, and the second shop having an issue with the colour of the shoes i wanted.

and aside from that, i have heard of shopping services taking photos of your package for you, but perhaps taobaospree doesn't do that? :o

the items i received are all under the cut! c:

box of lovely things~

a lovely note from my agent, cici~ eep!

i seriously love when store owners leave little personal notes. i mean, even if the note is scripted, it just feels so nice that they took the time to write out your name on the card! especially a big shopping service like taobaospree. they prolly have a tonne of other customers and yet they still took out the extra minute or two to slip the note into the package!

i am literally in love with this case. ♡♡

my dress and crop set~

the material on this is incredibly light and flowy. the chiffon feels so nice and the inside silk-like material just feels like heaven. it's not really see through like i was expecting it to be, which was nice. it also came with an extra button just in case! they're so cute; big fake pearls on a pretty blouse! and the tie is detachable in case you wanted a simpler look~ c:

the only thing i found with the crop set was that the pearls were quite heavy on the top. otherwise, i love this to pieces! the top has adjustable straps and the skirt has an incredibly stretchy waist elastic. i find both are a perfect length; neither too long or too short. bless being the size of an asian!

no, but seriously, this was my whole reasoning for making this taobao order and it's my absolute favourite!!

wonky picture, i know i know~ they're so so lovely though~

i've been wanting these shoes for at least five years now. the perfect, angelic pure white is just so so nice. the feel of the material also seems well constructed and not at all flimsy. the shoes are a bit heavy as a result, especially with the added weight of the detachable wings, but they're nowhere near as heavy on my feet like my jeffrey campbell satin plush pointe platforms! they're incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in as they're not very high up. you can see in the photo as well that it just attaches like little hooks on your feet, and you can adjust them to your comfortable size as well~

the only thing was that there was some dirt on my shoes which i'll show you;

some dirt on the bottom and top of the side of the shoe.

and some dirt on the inside of the wings~

but, i mean, the dirt came off with a light wash with a face cloth. so honestly, i wasn't too bothered. i was concerned that they were going to be really dark and stained from how cici warned me, but it was only minor! this makes me happy since they'd bound to get dirt on them with some wear anyways, and the material of the shoes are as such that you can give them a little scrub and they're good as new!

i would honestly recommend taobaospreee again, just because i found my fears melted away pretty quickly with their simple and easy to use speadsheet they used for ordering, quick responses, and also for keeping me updated whenever anything arrived. the shopping service fee is fairly high and the shipping is crazy even with the discount. there are other shipping options available like sal, of course, but i don't think i'd ever try it. o3o i had a great experience regardless.

i really can't wait to order from taobao again though, i've had my second order planned out since i sent this one off! ♡


  1. I do love this site, wonderful finds!!

  2. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for http://www.chinabuy.com.au and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.

    1. i live in canada! but thank you for the head's up! ^^ i've already made four additional orders, one more with tbs, and three with different services~ the reviews will be up sometime in december for them if you'd like to keep an eye out!

  3. Ahh I have always wanted those shoes. I should look into getting them from taobao but my feet are kinda big.