November 15, 2013

♡ diy: cute romantic princess mirror ♡

since i've newly redecorated my room, i've done a few diy projects~ one of which was to prettify (i can't believe my mac accept this as a real word) my mirror~ i take a lot of outfit shots and it's also nice when you're not having a good hair/face/body/everything day, and you're looking at yourself in a sweet little cutesy princess mirror!

it's fairly simple, i mean, i'm crafty but i'm not really all that skilled! the thing is, this requires sewing (by hand if you're terrified by the machine like me) and also hot glueing! i've burned myself so many times while diy-ing my room, so please be careful not to poke yourself, sew your fingers or burn yourself! :c

without further ado. . .

- lace
- ribbon, strings of pearls
- flowers, jewels, stickers other embellishments
- little scissors
- coloured thread + sewing needle
- hot glue gun + glue sticks
** optional: measuring tape -- (though i never used it)
** optional: bedazzler
** optional: glass/window markers

start off with your blank mirror! decide a basic layout of what you want to use first and then start measuring away! you can be specific and measure out how much material you need with a measuring tape, but because my mirror's width isn't very long, i didn't really feel the need to use one. i just held up the lace that i was using and snipped off what i need to!

** make sure you leave a little extra room on both sides in case you lose a bit of width when sewing!

i overlayed two different pieces of lace and thus required a bit of hand sewing. so i had the longer ruffly lace as the base with a long strip of lace overlay.

once sewn, i simply hot glued it along the top. alternatively you can also glue the long strip of overlay lace down the sides~ i didn't bother, though, since my mirror is white and it wouldn't really show up properly. so if you have a coloured mirror, the white lace down the border of the sides would look so cute~

next is the fun creative part! i initially just cut a light pink half inch ribbon and shaped it into a bow and hot glued it to the center of the top of the mirror.

then i took three cherry blossoms and bordered the corners. it was cute, but simple. so, i decided to hot glue all along the top until i reached the center of the bow!

another thing you can do is drape down flowers and vines all the way down the sides, you can bedazzle the lace or anything. i measured and cut a thin string of pearls from walmart to meet in the center under the lace and hang in a drapey curtain fashion on the sides!

you can also stick little pre-glued jewels or stickers on the top corners of the mirror glass itself to add a little extra glamour and cuteness~ and you can write littles notes using a window/glass marker you can pick up from walmart~ the possibilities are endless! i bedazzled some little craft diamonds in a little (deformed) heart formation in the center~

this was my final product! if any one follows me on insta, then you would have seen it progress in some of my mirror outfit shots! you can go super full out or super simple depending on the type of look you were going for! i wanted something a little simple but that also screamed fairy princess with a hime gyaru influence! obviously if this were a true hime gyaru mirror, it would be a lot more glamorous than mine with more bedazzled jewels and lace, but you get the idea, of course!

i just love mine because it looks elegant and romantic and it totally fits in and adds to the theme of my room~ ♡

hope your projects turn out just as lovely as you are~ c: ♡ have fun and remember to be careful~ i hope i could give you some inspiration~


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  2. Your mirror is so cute!! and very hime gyaru-ish <333
    This is such a lovely and creative diy post ^^

    Please visit my blog:

    1. heehee, thank you so so much for your kind comment! ♡♡ i love doing little cute crafty things and then it makes all your outfits ten times cuter. >3<

  3. Hi!

    I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE this mirror! <3 So much so that it's one of the main things which has sparked my interest in learning about the hime-gyaru style.

    I don't want to shamelessly advertise, but I made one of my own (along with a little trinket box) after seeing this post, it looks really similar (but it's not a total carbon copy since I didn't want to steal your work). I've just posted a blog entry about it here; and I've made sure I've cited you as the original maker of this mirror. ^_^