November 11, 2013


♡ wearing ♡
pink floral headband / unicorn knit jumper / 'ghost' pin
pink chiffon hi-lo dress / white romantic sheer tights
jeffrey campbell ballerina platforms

just a quick and comfortable outfit update from the other day~ one of the most stressful weeks of my life is  over and i will not only have tonnes of cute clothes to show for it soon, but also just the general satisfaction of surviving being incredibly ill and having two uni assignments (i haven't attended class since the end of september except for exams) and about twenty five hours of work and dance rehearsals every single day!

i'm nearing my two year anniversary with my muppet of a man as well as my last shift at one of my jobs working with fashion retail and my divas do christmas show~ december will be a doozy but i'm going to try to keep up with blog posts~ my instagram is always updated and i'm almost always on tumblr~

once i get my new lightswitch cover in the mail, i'll be making a room tour video~ i'll also start making haul videos as well! so i hope you all are looking forwards to it as much as i am! have a lovely day!

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