November 27, 2013

♡ outfit + review: 3d floral crop set (romwe party sale) ♡

hello my dear deerlings~ (heehee) today i figured i'd just update a little outfit post since i've had a tonne of reviews all in a row and i have tonnes more planned and this way i can break them up a bit! i bought the clothes of my dreams not too long ago. i adore this print more than anything in the world, but i could never find it in the specific style that i would wear and definitely not within my price range! but i was so shocked and delighted when i saw a promotional poster for romwe's party sale with a girl wearing this two piece set!

i fell in love and immediately bought it~

so i hope you enjoy my little review and outfit post!

let's start!

top and skirt

i bought this beautiful two piece floral set from romwe during the sale. the moment i saw it, i had to have it! it was pretty much my dream item and i've been wanting it ever since i was first introduced to the mesh 3d floral pattern through american apparel's clothing. my problem was that it was never available in the skirt and the bandeau was much too like a bikini and less like a crop top. i later ran into the fabric again with kenley collins' designs. however, her pieces were very expensive (as she is a designer) and also more like a fifties pin up cut with a more pencil skirt and thick shoulder straps.

i had almost given up when, like heaven sent, i saw this set on a model in a sale email from romwe. ohmygoodness, i was in love!

i instantly bought it on november sixth. free shipping helped as well as the party sale happening~ romwe shipped it out about five days later on november eleventh and it arrived on my door step about five days after that! i was surprised because usually my romwe packages can take up to a month to arrive after they've been dispatched, but this one arrived so quickly! i'm definitely not complaining though! for free shipping, they're always very reliable.

once bought, i quickly thought up a cute angelic coord to go along with it~

when they finally arrived, my outfit looked somewhat different than in my head, but still just as cute! the pieces are an absolute dream! though the crop top is a little long and loose but with a bit of hemming, it'll be perfect! the skirt is the perfect length and size, not too baggy or too tight! the fabric is lovely! it's not see through at all like i was thinking or not too drafty~ the colour is a soft dusty rose and the most perfect little pale pink~

my outfit;

pink floral headband / pink & gold crescent moon necklace
two piece 3d floral crop top and skirt set / pearl bracelets
pink rose ring / white garter belt / white romantic sheer tights
white aa ruffle socks / vivienne westwood winged shoes

hope you enjoyed my little outfit post! don't forget to check out romwe's sales! they always have something happening~ and free shipping !! heehee.


  1. You look amazing like a fairy *_* and your new set is adorable!

    1. eep!! >///< thank you so much! that means a lot to me~ ahh~ i really do adore this set! i've been dreaming about owning this style and pattern for at least three years now and i'm so happy it's now a reality and in my wardrobe~ ♡♡

  2. You look so perfect in that set omg! Like it was made for you :>

  3. ahhh the outfit is so cute, you look like a fairy ^^

    1. you're actually one of the sweetest people ever ;-; eep >///< ♡

  4. Hello! Where did you get the crescent moon necklace I am dying to have that in my life!!!!!

    1. i included where i bought the necklace in a haul post on my blog~ ^^ ♡