December 1, 2013

♡ december ♡

hello deerlings~ it is finally december! it feels like the year has actually progressed like a bullet this year~ now that it's december, i'm even more overwhelmed with final papers, final exams, christmas time at gamestop/eb games, the nutcracker and christmas shopping among other things! but, it seems every one is doing what they call 'blogmas' where you post at least once every day in december! i cannot promise you that, but i will try my very best attempts to do so!

i put up somewhat of an outline of my december schedule on my right side bar if my blog if you were ever curious to see if there were some big events happening!

check the side bar~

december isn't a very good month for me for a lot of reasons, but i'm going to try and keep everything as positive and creative on this blog as possible! i have quite a few sponsored items to arrive this month as well as tonnes of different reviews and taobao hauls~ so hopefully there will still be a lot for you guys to read and enjoy!

where it is the first of december, my mama has already started decorating, and the first thing that immediately went up was…

the advent calendar

a friend of mine at dance told me her mother said she was too old for an advent calendar, but really? who is ever too old for a mini chocolate a day leading up until christmas~? heehee. do any of you have an advent calendar? what kind is it? i always used to get playmobil ones and lindt chocolate ones~

sorry it was a short post~ i have a few more lined up that are a bit longer~ heehee. i hope you all have a wonderful start to your decembers~ ♡

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