December 26, 2013


my christmas and christmas eve outfits this year~

happy christmas my wonderful deerlings!! are you all enjoying the holidays? ohmygoodness, i know i certainly am! i absolutely love christmas! i love seeing my daddy and brother and baking and being able to sit down and not have any responsibilities~ heehee. ♡

today i'll be talking to you about christmas with my family and all our traditions~ so it'll be a little more text heavy with my life style~ hope you all read until the end and enjoy!

our christmas traditions begin a few days earlier on winter solstice! we wake up super duper early and a few friends of the family shoot off fireworks outside as the sun rises~ it's super pretty and very safe, so don't worry! perks of living in the middle of nowhere on an island! then we go inside and have a huge all you can eat brekkie with tea, coffee or a bitta whiskey if you can handle it! i usually go straight back to sleep, but this year i had nutcracker, so i had to go get ready for a show!

fast forwards to christmas eve~ on christmas eve, my brother and i go to my daddy's house and we do a little early gift exchange and hang out a little after noon. i had work after that, but then i would go to my boyfriend's nana's house for their family gathering while aaron, my broham, goes to his girlfriend's. my boyfriend has a HUGE family, but they're all very close. so usually there's a cold plate dinner and then they will exchange gifts between cousins (and me) a little bit early. he has a little cousin named natalie and she's the cutest little angel on earth! after his nana's, i meet up with my mama and a friend of the family's house where there's music and tonnes of people and food~ there is where my brother will catch up with us. we usually stay no later than ten thirty or so and then we'll go back to my house and put out cookies and carrots and milk for santa!! ^^ i'll usually finish off last minute things for my boyfriend as my brother finishes off last minute things for his girlfriend and then we'll sleep.

somehow on christmas day, i still internally wake up at five thirty or six and i wait until the socially acceptable time (usually seven or seven thirty) and then pounce on my brother and drag him downstairs where mama has her coffee and is turning on all the christmas decorations like the houses and the star wars and flying snowman noisey ornaments and we open up our stockings~ with the tradition of our stocking from santa, it is essentially like a large garbage bag of gifts. it's not a stocking for all the cheaper things since i got a few expensive records and video games and books in it, but rather it's the gifts from santa.

after opening the stockings, we (my brother, mama and i) take a break, aaron usually has cereal and some treats from the stocking and mama will have some toast. after about twenty minutes of me waiting for every one to finish their food, we'll then open our gifts under the tree. but that's another tradition in itself! the way it works is that the youngest (me) picks out a gift for some one else to open (not necessarily from the person who is choosing). when they've opened up their gift, they then pick a gift for another to open (could be the person who gave them the gift or some one else). it's always fun. i was so excited to give my mama and brother their gifts since it's the first christmas i've paid for all of the gifts myself. c:

after all our presents are open, it's usually the acceptable time to actually get up and get ready or chill out a little while longer and play with our gifts. our family has a no television rule unless we're watching a film we've gotten for christmas or to play a video game!

around noon, daddy comes over and brings his gifts and we give him our gifts while mama finishes preparations for christmas lunch/dinner. mine and my brother's significant other usually arrives around the same time and we have another gift exchange and then we have some lovely food~ i always have special food since i'm a vegetarian and most of the food has meat products in it or is a meat product itself.

then my brother goes out with his girlfriend and i with my boyfriend and we meet back up at my house on boxing day for our huge day long boxing day open house with tonnes of food, alcohol, christmas music and friends~ i usually hole up in my room or stay on the couch and drink and partake in my boxing day tradition of sobbing on the couch whilst watching love actually.

heehee. ♡

what are some of your holiday traditions? do you guys celebrate a lot or just a little? how do you guys decorate (if at all?) please let me know! i love learning how others celebrate with their family, significant others and friends!

stay tuned for my christmas haul post soon~


  1. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas like we used to when we were younger. But when our family did celebrate we used to have a scavenger hunt for the presents. We'd wake up on Christmas morning to find a map and for we'd go hunting down our gifts.

    1. OHMYGOD THAT SOUNDS SO FUN!! haahaa, your parents must have put so much thought into all of it! wow! ♡♡

  2. such a cute outfit ^^ I love the tights.
    we don't have many traditions but one of them are definitely xmas films ^^ Muppets Christmas Carol, The Grinch and Elf hehe

    1. thank you so much, lovely!!
      the muppets is my favourite!! ♡♡ what lovely traditions! :D elf is very funny. heehee. do you like will ferell? have you seen the new anchorman? c: ♡