December 4, 2013

♡ cute stationary haul ♡

hello hi my deerlings~~ ♡♡ how is every one? i've been super stressed with all my final papers and exams being due. ah~ it's crazy. partly my fault for being unable to attend class and keep up with the work, but i'm trying~

despite all this awfulness, though, i received a tonne of cute packages all at the same time!! as the title suggests, it's stationary~ ♡

i'm so so excited you guys, you don't even understand! recently i agreed to be penpals with my lovely and amazing friend, becki and steph and bought a tonne of adorable stationary! i've always wanted to buy cute stationary but i've never had a reason to until recently. now i'm so happy because i finally got all my cute goodies together and i can start sending adorable packages to my friends from away~ anyways, i really wanted to show you all what i bought because i'm just super elated from all the adorable designs and characters~

as you can see, it's quite a bit of a haul! i'm so happy and pleased with everything~ the cuteness is through the roof! i ordered quite a bit of things. i ordered a large little twin stars set and some deco tap, a my melody set and then a large stash of random kawaii paper~ now i have all the pieces to write all the cutest letters on in the cutest of envelopes, sealed with the cutest of tape! heehee~

the stationary honestly just reminds me of all the sweet stationary you can get in animal crossing to write to your neighbours (even though you could literally walk up to them and never need to keep in touch via letters). ♡

i bought them all on ebay or storenvy. i really just searched 'cute stationary', 'kawaii stationary', 'sanrio letters', etc. you can find tonnes of cute themed sets at reasonable prices with good shipping prices because they can fit into a small, cheap envelope! ^^

i just wanted to make this post short and sweet to share with you guys, so here are some additional detail photos of all the lovely stationary sets i received~ ♡ i hope you all enjoy looking at all the sweet little designs and characters as much as i do!

the pretty deco tape~

little twin stars stationary haul~

my melody pack~

kawaii stationary lucky pack~

more little twin star~

more my melody~

do any of you have penpals or do any of you just collect cute stationary? part of me doesn't want to send it away because it's so precious, but ah~ please let me know in the comments! ♡ having penpals and indulging in cute things to send off is such a pick me up~

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  1. I used to have penpals but then they all stopped writing after a certain amount of time. Suppose everyone became busy with their lives or stamps were simply getting too expensive!
    Despite no longer having a penpal, I continued to collect all sorts of cute stationary / memo pads! All waiting to be seen by a different 'owner' and put a smile on their faces from all of the cuteness! <3