December 5, 2013

♡ a perfect day: tale of a muppet and muppette ♡

hello my sweetie deerlings~ today is a bit of a different post! but my boyfriend and i just celebrated our two year anniversary last thursday and i wanted to share with you all our date and everything! he's my darling muppet of a man and he's my absolute best friend~ we're so stressed lately with school and everything on our minds but we took the entire day off of school, work, my dance and his band just to celebrate! heehee~

i hope you enjoy my little lifestyle post~

his name is kenney. you might recognize him from my sailor moon halloween post here~ he's twelve days older than me and is a gemini to a t. being a cancer, sometimes our personalities clash, but at the same time, we've helped push each other to over come a lot.

sensitive, emotional cancer has trouble communicating clearly, but clear communication is what defines gemini. gemini’s chivalrous nature and silver tongue may encourage cancer to come out of its shell more quickly than usual; cancer, in turn, can teach gemini to slow down and appreciate the world, which the frenetic twins hardly ever take time to do. these two signs approach the world in such different manners that they must be able to understand and accept one another’s differences.
cancer is the sign of home and hearth, while gemini is the thinker. gemini can easily slip into the role of cancer’s knight in shining armor; cancer returns that favor with their characteristic urge to protect the ones they love. quality of home life is important to cancer, and gemini will be spoiled by their cancer lover’s hearty home cooking, soft bed and other creature comforts. cancer is strongly intuitive and maintains an almost psychic connection with their loved ones and gemini just reassures cancer that they’re loved and cherished.
gemini is ruled by the planet mercury (communication) and cancer is ruled by the moon (emotions). cancer tends to keep their emotions bottled up inside as they have trouble expressing themselves. they envy geminis their gift of open, clear communication. gemini, in turn, can benefit from cancer’s intuitive approach, so different from gemini’s bubbly, surface nature; cancer can teach gemini to slow down and appreciate life instead of passing by the good things in their rush to get to the next new thing.
gemini is an air sign and cancer is a water sign. when these two signs can work together, they are a great team; after all, the best decisions are made by incorporating the emotions and the intellect. deep, emotional cancer and light, fast-paced gemini can achieve balance through learning to talk openly with one another.
gemini is a mutable sign and cancer is a cardinal sign. gemini is flexible, willing to go with the flow and follow another’s lead; cancer is an initiator and likes to provide that lead. gemini may try to lead by being brave.

we've been officially a couple since november twenty eighth, 2O11. however, we've technically been together about a half year longer. we've been best friends for about three years now and i honestly don't know where i would be without having him physically by my side. to say we've made it to two years is so strange. he's had to correct me about eighty thousand times because i kept saying how excited i was for our one year anniversary!! heehee.

we got together three days after seeing the muppets film in theatres. i cuddled into him, jumping up and down in my seat, swooning and laughing and crying and just generally being happy. i told him he was like my muppet of a man (it was a song in the film). not quite a man, but not a muppet~ he joked and said i was like miss piggy and he was like kermit in our relationship-friendship. so it has always stuck with us. he was my muppet, i was his muppette. he was my kermy and i was his miss piggy.

i got my nails and hair redone in preparation for our big date the day before~ i wanted to look super duper cute and pretty for our date~ where we've been in school and i've been so busy with school, we haven't really gone out in so long, so i really wanted to savour everything and look perfect~

we started the day out bright and early! i woke up around eight, got my make up and outfit on and together~

custom frosted acryllic necklace / pink peignoir
white aa gloria v mesh bodysuit / light pink skater skirt 
dolly ballerina garters / pink capezio tights / vw winged shoes

everything else is all under the cut~ it's filled with tonnes of photos of us and our day as well as a complete rundown of what we did and our gifts to each other and the things i baked him~ i really do hope you continue to read!

i then went to his house and made some special pink waffles topped with strawberry jelly, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream with a side of fresh berries, apple cinnamon and peanut butter oatmeal and juice~ i wanted him to have a big meal before our big day out! heehee. i had also baked him something the night before! i love to bake, but i really haven't had the time, so it was really refreshing~ heehee. i made what i call magical pink love me vanilla brownies~ click through for the recipe~

after brekkie, we had our gift exchange!! this is my favourite part! i put such a huge amount of work into my gift, though it never turned out very good! my gift was actually split into two parts! so first, he only received two things; my special card with a very lovely message inside that i made all by myself and one of his favourite bowie records; aladdin sane. he even has an aladdin sane tattoo!

the rest of his gift he never got until much later on that night; it is a tray of two hand painted wine glasses with folded napkins and tonnes of candy treats, a bottle of white wine and a bottle of white cranberry and strawberry juice (he's not a big wine drinker and he always drinks the entire bottle of white cranberry strawberry juice at my house) and the office season one (our favourite teevee series!!!) and two ring pops to enjoy for that night~

this is what he got me!

the office season three, a beautiful necklace and a little lamb plushie~

it's funny because he didn't know i got him the office season one at this point and he was saying how we could watch season three that night and i was always saying "i dunno~~~". haahaa, great minds think alike! he actually freaked out when he saw his tray of gifts.

part of my gift was also me driving us around everywhere that day without charging him a gas fee (it's expensive!!) and paying for our date at the paint n' clay cafe. we went there for my birthday and we painted a mermaid and a gnome, but for our one year, i wanted to do something a little more special! at the paint n' clay cafe, you pick out a predone clay piece (figurines of puppies, kitties, mermaids, gnomes, ponies, light switch covers, jewelry boxes, picture frames, etc.) and pay for that and then pick out whatever paints you want and paint it to your heart's desire! then you hand it in and the people there bake it in their special ovens and seal it for you and you pick it up the following week!

so my idea was that we would go and we would paint a piggie bank half and half and that from our two year onwards to our three year anniversary, we will put whatever change we get in there so that however much we have in one year's time, we will use that money for our anniversary date! plus, it would be ultra personalized and a piggy bank just for us! the piggy bank was a little more expensive, so we decided to paint a robot instead~ heehee ♡


this is what it looks like pre baked! stay tuned for the finished product! >///<

our 'couple name'

after that, i took him to his favourite place in the world; long and mcquade. it's basically a huge music store. i don't go often because i get bored while he's there playing with different synths doing the same things over and over for an hour. my gift to him was a trip to the store to his desired length without grumbling or bugging him to go. heehee~ i just played animal crossing new leaf and attended the harvest festival in game~

then we stopped by value village just to see if there was anything interesting! kenney ended up finding a super nice sweater which he pretty much immediately bought~

after his music venting, we stopped by robin's (an eastern canadian coffee and baked goods chain like tim horton's or dunkin' donuts) to share a candy cane hot chocolate! when i get them, i always eat the whipped cream first and then sip on the hot chocolate, whereas kenney just kind of puts the lid on it, waits like thirty minutes until it's all melted and cooled down and then drinks it. how do you guys drink your hot coco?

then it was off to the newly opened target!! target only opened up about two weeks ago and i've been there with my mother, though kenney never has! so since it's the biggest store on earth and is super crazy big, i decided that a target date would be the biggest kind of adventure! so we went around, tried on things, looked around the department store stuff, played a bit of hide and seek and just generally had a good time.

obligatory mirror legs shot?

once we finished our target adventure, we stayed around the area and went to different stores like michael's, staples, future shop, winners; just looking at clothes and talking. we then took our adventure downtown. we parked far enough away to avoid any parking meters and parallel parking nightmares and walked around~ we went into tonnes of little boutiques and antique places and he indulged me and we went into the two comic book stores downtown to look at geeky things~ i also dragged him into this ridiculously expensive lingerie store because i found the most adorable hime pale pink chiffon babydoll~ ohmygoodness. obviously we both couldn't afford it, but i had to show him and indulge in it some more~

so many manga so little time

i wanted this deer ornament so bad ohmygod ;-;

supper time rolled around pretty soon after that and our tummies were rumbling! so we went to our favourite vegetarian restaurant that we frequent often called the sprout. ~~~ we skipped on dessert though because our dessert was something super duper special... menchie's!! the most godly froyo place on earth where you pay by weight and ohmygoodness!

"miso abundant" ~ aka tofu, mushroom, broccoli miso soup deluxe

"poutine with a twist" ~ organic brown rice, homestyle fries, carrots, beets and miso gravy~

nom froyo nom


finally we went to my house to say hello and cuddle my two adorable baby kitties so we could share the anniversary love. i also picked up the second half of his gift and we went back to his house. there i gave him the second half of his gift and then we settled in bed and watched the muppets (our film) and the office with our candy and wine and white cranberry strawberry juice.

it was a full day out but we were both incredibly happy and loving and it felt like a huge weight was off our shoulders, free from concerns of our final assignments and exams or my dance shows or his band tour~ it really refreshed us and made us even more excited for winter break when we'd both be free to be together more often~

we were very sleepy muppets by the end of it~ we both had to get up early though since he had to leave for a cross island show tour with his band. :c boo~

i really hope you enjoyed this post! i know it was completely different and i really hope you guys read to the end! heehee~ i hope it was interesting~ stay tuned for the recipes and turnout of our piggy bank! please give me some feedback! do you like lifestyle posts? would you like to see more of them? c: please comment below my deerlings!


  1. Ahhhh, you two are so cute :3 I don't know why, but couples make me so happy ♡ Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day xo

    1. ahh thank you!! ♡♡ seeing couples make me happy, too. >.< thank you so much for reading and commenting! ah~ you're so sweet!

  2. ahhhh such a cute post ^^ Happy Anniversary both of you

    1. eep! ohmygoodness, thank you so much for the well wishes ♡ heehee~ i'm glad you liked it! i was nervous no one would like the lifestyle type post. :c