December 7, 2013

♡ review: dreamv / yumetenbo (rakuten) ♡

hi my lovely deerlings~ how is every one? sorry i missed blogging yesterday~ as i said, i might not be able to do blogmas with all of my exams and rehearsals and performances~ but i'll still be posting as much as i can! today i have a little post planned all about ordering from rakuten and yumetenbo! when i announced i ordered off of rakuten, i had a few requests about making this post to review rakuten and yumetenbo to kind of explain the ordering process when you live internationally and not in japan!

so, here goes~ 

in pink

in baby pink

♡ shopping with rakuten / yumetenbo 

i submitted my order on december first using the global rakuten website around noon time. the site is fairly easy to navigate. the clothes are all sectioned into categories for easier access if you just wanted to find a pair of boots in the shoes section, for example. or a cutsew within the tops section within the women's clothing section. 

there are two main things to consider whilst browsing this site. the first is taking note of whether something is in stock, pre order or outstanding stock.
in stock. in stock items usually just have their full title and usually means that there's quite a few different sizes and colours available to ship out and order within the next two days.
pre order. occasionally, you will see [ -Reservation 10/29- ] in front of the long title of the item. what this means is that the item you are viewing is not currently available within the warehouse and WILL NOT be shipped out earlier than the date listed (month, day) in the title!
outstanding stock. what outstanding stock basically means is low stock. as in, there are very limited colour choices and sizes available, if there is more than one final size in one final colour. so don't be too excited if you see this, but it never hurts to look and see!
the other thing is, a lot of their images in the description are in japanese! so what i suggest doing is getting out your measuring tape and learning your exact measurements in centimeters! their size charts, while in japanese, aren't too hard to understand if you know your measurements.

important characters to know !!
身丈 - length (tops, dresses)
着丈 - length (skirts)
総丈 - shoulder width
袖丈 - sleeve length
袖口周り - width of the sleeve opening
バスト - bust
ウエスト - waist
ヒップ - hip
so now that you know how to read the size chart, you can pick out your correct size! as yumetenbo are located in japan, it will not be easy to return your item with the language barrier!! so make sure you're buying accordingly to the size chart! and remember that it's better to overestimate your size and have it hemmed than too small and impossible to fit into! asians are very petite, so a lot of their clothes have a shorter length and are generally a smaller make!

purchasing with rakuten / yumetenbo ♡

once you have all of your items you wish to purchase, just click on the little cart item in the big red line up top with the search bar~ it is now time to pay! sadly, you are required to have a debit/credit card, credit card, mastercard or amex as they do not accept paypal. the reason for this is your total is just going to be the flat total, no shipping. shipping charges will be charged on the card you used at a slightly later date once yumetenbo has completely confirmed the stock of your order.

you can choose to register with rakuten (as i did) or you can checkout as guest. both are very reliable~ the only perk of being a member is that the more you shop with yumetenbo on rakuten, the more 'points' you earn which you can eventually use towards future orders instead of paying~ ^^

one other thing to notice is that once you put in your order, rakuten will no longer deal with it. any issues that arise- whether payment or missing items- must be communicated with the seller. it can be a little confusing as yumetenbo is a japanese company and sends out their email confirmations (and subsequent emails) in japanese.

shipping with yumetenbo ♡

around three am on the second, yumetenbo sent me an email in japanese. it was difficult to comprehend using google translate, but i made sense of it enough to understand that they received my order and estimated shipping out my package on december third. they also sent me a final total which included the shipping on top of what i paid.

( click the image to make it bigger )

above is the store's international shipping rate. yumetenbo ships by price instead of weight. this can be a double edge sword. you could buy a pair of shoes where its weight is the equivalent of another package of a few light blouses, skirts and dresses, and it would be cheaper even despite its weight. however, if you can keep your prices down or even do a combined order with a friend to go halfsies on shipping, then you'll end up having a very great deal!

they also gave me a free shipping code to use for my next order~ ♡

at two am on december third, i received an email in japanese with a tracking number saying they've shipped the parcel! so they were true to their word and incredibly quick~ like all ems tracking, the number did not work until after twenty four hours had passed, but it was now on my way to me~ remember to track via the ems japan website!

i received my package on december sixth!! all in all it took about three days for it to be shipped from japan to canada and then localized and delivered to me! this is insanely quick!

♡ detailed review ♡

communication: ♥♥♥♥♡
price: ♥♥♥♥♥
shipping: ♥♥♥♥♥
overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

i honestly only marked down communication as they do not speak a single word of english and all emails and business are conducted in japanese. otherwise, their emails are incredible quick and prompt with updates and they send out multiple confirmation emails every step of the way. everything else about yumetenbo and the rakuten service is amazing and so fun to use! it's incredibly trustworthy and i definitely recommend checking out the site!

now, unfortunately, i don't have any photos of the package or the boots itself as my mama picked it up. however, she let me have the sweater dress early, so i took some pictures of that~

♡ wearing ♡
doiley heart choker / yumetenbo sweater dress
white lace bloomers / white capezio tights
jeffrey campbell ballerina platforms

hope you enjoy, sweetie deerlings~  please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any other questions about the ordering and shipping processes of the shop or to even leave your own experiences! i'd love to hear~ hope you enjoyed my review and have a lovely day~ ♡


  1. Omg!! That looks so perfect on you c:! I've always wanted to shop on Rakuten but got so nervous and confused ;~; This explained things so well though so I might give it a try soon c:!!

    1. yeah! for sure! it's really difficult ordering at first since global rakuten is literally like a google translate for so all the titles for the clothes are ridiculously long and all the text is still in japanese (as they can't translate the images) so i figured i'd help people out~ it's super fun! all the other stores have other policies (with shipping and such) but the basic format is the same~

  2. Adorable~!! They are both so cute and looks great on you, thanks for the guide to buying from rakuten ^^

    1. i can't wait to try on the boots on christmas!! i needed a new pair since my old pair are so worn out with all the snow. ;-; i'm super glad you enjoyed the guide though and that it helped ♡♡

  3. The sweater is so adorable and fluffy and you look perfect with it *v*

    1. it's actually so big and warm~ ahhh i know it's deffo going to have a lot of use this winter! >.< ♡

  4. Looks great on you, shall have to try this out with your advice!

    1. most rakuten shops operate the same way, so i definitely want to order more from there~ i'm just so addicted to online overseas shopping! ♡