December 11, 2013

♡ sponsored review: geo princess mimi choco brown (geocolouredlenses) ♡

hello my sweet little deerlings~ i hope you're all doing well! today i will be reviewing a beautiful pair of circle lenses; the princess mimi chocolate brown lenses! ultra big thank you to geocolouredlenses for sending me a pair of these beautiful lenses for review! these are my second pair of circle lenses, but my first with such big enlargement, so i am very excited!

please remember that even though this is a sponsored review, all of the opinions expressed here are my own and completely unbiased!

i hope you all enjoy~

first off, just want to let you know some basics about the shop! geocoloured lenses is a large online circle lens store that is certified to sell genuine korean and japanese brand circle lenses! there are many shops that are not licensed that will sell replicas and damage your eyes, however, geocolouredlenses are approved and super reliable! all their lenses come with a free cute case and are available in many different corrective powers! if you do not see the power you need, feel free to message them and ask if they will restock! 

don't forget that geocolouredlenses has FREE standard shipping worldwide and FREE express shipping when you order five or more pairs of lenses! this is an absolutely amazing deal and it's super reliable, too.

power range :: 0.00 ~ -8.00
diameter :: 15.0 mm
base curve radius :: 8.60 mm
water content :: 38 ~ 42%
one year disposable
these are just so so adorable! they were sent out to me on november nineteenth and i was given a tracking number the following day. they told me it would take about one to two weeks for the package to reach me. i finally received the package on december ninth, which was about twenty days after the package was sent.

geocolouredlenses is quick to reply to any and all inquiries about their lenses and are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. they're amazing to work with as a customer and as a sponsor. their prices for all of their products are reasonable and the fact that they have free world wide shipping is also amazing! now, i did take down a heart for shipping only because it took an extra week than expected to receive the package, however, i feel this is no fault of mine or the companies, but rather the post and the time of the year. during the holidays, most packages are delayed regardless. and even so, once the package did arrive, it was in great condition and everything inside was intact!

little envelope~

the contents come completely sealed in plastic! had to cut it open~

the lenses come wrapped and taped securely in foam for extra protection. the free lens case also has cute 'right' and 'left' markings on top! one amazing thing i love is that they include their adorable card and a printout of circle lens care and wear guide!

you can see the geo certified sticker!

and now for these stunning lenses~

naked eyes / one in, one out / both in
i look so creepy with only one in haahaa

no flash / flash / window light (outside lighting)
these are raw, unedited photos so you can really see how the lenses look.

♡ detailed review ♡

enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♥

these lenses are HUGE. being 15.0 mm with a dark outer ring, they give this super big dolly eye effect. when i first put them in, i was almost taken aback because i hadn't expect them to be so large! but the effect is so nice and i feel so so pretty with them!

look: ♥♥♥♥♥

now, i'm giving these a five out of five for the look because i chose these lenses precisely for the dolly eye effect! these lenses wouldn't be very good if you're looking for something natural for the sheer fact that these lenses are very large and the black outer ring is fairly thick. so they look amazing in my eyes and the effect of the red-brown and light brown gardient is so so nice, but of course, they're not natural for just something casual~

colour: ♥♥♥♥♥

i really love the colour! i was scared at first, where my eyes are a light blue/grey, that the brown would stand out too much and the light red tint on the inside wouldn't be visible… but i was worrying for nothing! the black ring stands out, certainly, but the lens really makes my eyes look brown! you honestly can't really see the blue of my eyes unless you're looking super close up because the lens overlays super nicely! another thing i like, too, is that the red tint still appears in my photos (which is perfect because the reason i bought these lenses was because of the redish tint on the inner circle of the lenses)~

comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥

these lenses are incredibly comfortable! i was really concerned because they have a bit of a lower water content percentage and they're so large, but i couldn't really feel them! my eyes are naturally really dry in the mornings, so i used some eye drops, put on the lenses and went on with my day. i couldn't see any brown or red colour in my peripherals (some lenses your peripherals end up tinting the colour of the lenses) and i couldn't feel them while doing my make up or studying or anything. i ended up using some eye drops once within the eight hours i was wearing them, but that's also because, like i said, my eyes can get dry anyways.

one thing i will mention is that i found i had troubles putting on the left lens, it wouldn't go on properly and it took at least five tries. again, that could be the fact that i'm not totally experienced when it comes to putting them on. the right eye lens went on fine and once both lenses were on my eye, they stayed in place!

overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

overall, these lenses are definitely one of my favourites! i really have absolutely nothing bad to say about them! the large diameter of the lenses and the thick outer ring give a super enlarging effect that really made me feel like a doll. i felt so pretty wearing them and they're actually just amazing for both my every day dolly looks and my chii cosplay! the colour is stunning and i really love them! i will definitely be wearing them a lot in the future ♡♡

hope this review helped you learn a little more about geocolouredlenses and the princess mimi lenses themselves on light eyes~ i absolutely am in love with them and if you have any other questions about the lenses, please feel free to comment below! 

also!! they have a combo sale pack on for a pair of all four geo princess mimi lenses here for 69.99$ !!


  1. wow they are so pretty ^^ i love the colour and enlargement

    1. right? ohgoodness, they've been my favourite circle lenses for forever so i am absolutely ecstatic with them! i'm really happy the brown is still visible and that it' not too overwhelming but still super doll like~ ♡

  2. They look really great on you! Totally natural looking
    And i love the chi cosplay ^o^

  3. Awwww ♡
    You look like a little angel!!
    Very natural looking!!

    Cristielle |~Fairytale Princess☾•* ~

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