January 18, 2014


so i know this is a little long overdue and it's nearing the end of january, but i have had these photos ready to go and be uploaded and i've just been too busy to edit! please forgive me, my darling deerlings~ i hope you are all had wonderful holidays with your loved ones and are at least smiling even if things weren't so cheery~ today i have my christmas haul for you all!

a quick disclaimer; i am not in any way bragging or anything that i have received. i am only sharing with you all the things i have received from my parents, brother, boyfriend and nutcracker secret santa! so please do not take anything in the wrong way. thank you~ 

if you would like, you can view my christmas wishlist here.

let's start~

♡ stocking from santa 

if you leave by daughter, the great gatsby, a whild sheep chase by haruki murakami

short white cardigan / cloudy crop top and skirt set / 
white lace shorts / pink kitty fashion tights / scarf loop hangers

pink bow flats / pretty pink nail polish / eos lip balm pack
strawberry shea butter and body wash / fluffy blankie

fuzzy pink house coat / fuzzy pink slippers / fuzzy white sockies
pink silk sleepy mask / victoria's secret pajama set

silicon baking sheet / cupcake memo pad

christmas goofy plushie / penguin plushie

** not pictured ; magic bag slippers / cinnamoroll gear shift cover

♡ under the tree from mommy and my brother 

cream knit pompom hat / white gloves / cream knit and chiffon scarf 
pretty beige boots / yumetenbo pink boots

long white v-neck cardi / pink guess sweater / cream lace chiffon dress
take a bow skirt in pink / sheer cream top

pink victoria's secret pj set / cupcake recipe tin

kveikur by sigur ros / the ocean at the end of the lane by neil gaiman
stickboy by shane koyczan / dance dance dance by haruki murakami
love actually 1Oth anniversary edition / peter pan return to neverland
time and eternity (ps3) / tales of legendia (ps2)

pretty pink winter coat

white princess canopy

** not pictured ; psvita~

from daddy 

make up~

snow fairy ballerina ornament / beige hat + scarf set / exotic hair pins
500 vegan recipes book / 500 cupcake recipes book

persona 4 golden (psvita) / harry potter behind the scenes calendar

from my muppet of a man 

tenth anniversary of transatlanticism by death cab for cutie
little figurine of daenerys (aka me) / white cat plushie

from nutcracker secret santa 

cat naps calendar / hello kitty ballerina precious moments
candy cane body wash / rose hand soap / be enchanted body wash
sterling silver heart earrings / pink lace hairbow / pink glitter ballerina ornament
nutcracker suite hand soap / dancing snowflake candle silhouette holder
silver heart charm bracelet / pink flower slippers

please let me know what you all got for christmas! ^^ did you get what you asked for, did you get any surprises? please leave a comment below! if you have any questions on anything or would like to see additional photos of anything, i'll try my best to answer~


  1. OMG Em-chan, I'm so jealous!!! I really want photos of you in the cloud top and skirt and the pink coat!!! Ehe, you got the pink skirt so we match now uwu!~


    1. eee~ i can take some photos in the crop set tomorrow? heehee~ i love it, it's so comfy and really soft material! the skirt and coat i already posted on ig; ( http://instagram.com/p/ikEYgXo3qn/ )

      ♡♡ it's super duper big! i love the skirt so much~ it matches my entire wardrobe perfectly~

    2. saw and it's all perfect on you darling gah!! so cute *v*!!!

  2. wow! what a nice haul!! ^^ i got games, sailor moon manga (7-12 since that's all i really needed), and a lot of candy. :3 my boyfriend really spoiled me~!

    1. oh wow!! i really wanna start collecting the sailor moon manga, but it's so expensive! how lucky ♡♡ i'm glad you had a great christmas!

  3. ahhh you got so much cute stuff ^^ I love Daughter too hehe

  4. so much cute pastel pinkness!!! esp the coat omg *o* which brand is it may I ask?

    1. i'm not sure because my mama bought it for me!! ^^ i don't think it's anything designer because i live in a super tiny place and we have no major 'brand' stores except for like victoria's secret. o3o

  5. oh my gosh I'm so jealous of everything you got it's all so cute!! T~T The pink winter coat is especially cute eep :3 It looks like you had a really nice Christmas!!
    Would you be interested in following each other's blogs? :0
    -Kiyomi xx

  6. You got such cute stuff! Love that daughter album! xo


    1. daughter is amazing. i love their ep better, though (just because medicine is on it) ♡♡