February 25, 2014

♡ sponsored review: spreepicky (IMAGE HEAVY) ♡

hello my deerlings! ♡ it's been a long while since i've updated! i apologize for this. i've been struggling with my responsibilities with university, dance and plethora of other factors. it's been difficult to put aside the time to really arrange to take photos and sit down and edit them and arrange them into a review or a haul post or what have you. so i am sorry about that! i'll try to slowly begin to get back into blogging, so i hope all of you lovelies are still here to follow me! c:

with that said, i have a super duper awesome haul and review for you guys!

spreepicky, much like many of the japanese fashion stores on storenvy, is a taobao reseller store. the main thing that sets them apart, however, is their huge, wide range of products for many different styles such as fairy kei, lolita, gyaru, hime gyaru, himekaji, street fashion, and more. another thing is that they offer free shipping worldwide. this, of course, is reflected in their prices, though they are cheaper than almost all of the storenvy stores in the similar style.

spreepicky contacted me on january eleventh to write a review for them based upon my interest in their store. i've separately ordered from them about six times before and they were very happy to send me some items. throughout the entire process, they were incredibly kind, responding to tumblr messaging and emails very quickly. they did not mind answering any of my questions or even offering other items when they had offered items i already had bought prior to their contacting me. they always responded within the hour or so depending on what time of the day it was. after incredibly pleasant exchanges, they sent out the parcel on january twenty first. once the package was shipped, i received it a little bit later than usual, though not by much, on january twenty ninth.

for more information about spreepicky and how it works as a taobao reseller, you can read my first spreepicky review here and my taobaospree review here .

the parcel~

everything in its packaging~

lil freebies!

honestly, i'm never disappointed with spreepicky. they're always incredibly friendly and super kind in regards to answering any questions you have about product availability, sizes, anything! they respond incredibly quickly and are accessible through many different forms of communication (facebook, tumblr, instagram, email). they're highly personable and even hand write a thank you note with each order saying something very sweet and friendly. and, if you've followed my blog for even a little while, you'll know that i LOVE when businesses include hand written notes as you feel less like a number and more like a real person. the people at spreepicky go above and beyond, especially when it comes to shipping as well. their free shipping will always arrive four to eight days on average.

i've ordered from them five separate times in the past. four out of the five packages arrived on my door step exactly five days after being shipped. one order arrived six days after being shipped and this sponsored order was received eight days after shipment (mainly due to the fact where i live is constantly getting hit with snow storms every other week).

so really, they're an incredible business made of kind people and AMAZING service.

♡ detailed review ♡

communication: ♥♥♥♥♥
price: ♥♥♥♥♥
shipping: ♥♥♥♥♥
overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

here are some detailed shots of the items~ this is incredibly image heavy so this will all be under the cut~

this top is super cute! the pastel print features a tonne of cute foods like donuts and ice cream cones and gingerbread bears! this top is super OTT style and would look great in any fairy kei outfit! it's super lightweight, though not see through thin and is very comfortable to wear! personally, i find the pattern far too busy for me to incorporate into any of my style outside of lounging around the house~ but it would be good for any one into fairy kei fashion.

sooooo... these might be my favourite tights ever. they're absolutely adorable! the light pink and white combination matches my entire wardrobe and the little cat faces printed on are just so cute! the print itself is high quality and even when it stretches on your legs, it doesn't distort or look strange. they're incredibly comfy to wear and aren't too thin, either! they're certainly not opaque, but they give enough warmth for the cold weather!

these are so precious! these sheer tights are incredibly thin, thus the white stretches and shows a lot of your skin underneath. as such, your skin tone shows through. the printed white hearts show up great when you're wearing them (even if you're really pale like me) and they just add such a soft and subtle touch! these are perfect for himekaji, hime gyaru, dolly kei or cult party kei styles! the only thing is that they do not have a lot of stretch in them and they're not good for the winter snow / cold or the spring rain!

i literally feel like such a princess in these thigh highs! they're absolutely perfect! they're a very sweet white colour and hug your legs great! however, the top of the thigh highs are a little looser, which is amazing because it doesn't cut off circulation to your legs or give you that ugly indent that most thigh highs tend to give. the little bows are just a really cute touch, as well! they're pretty thick, too, which makes them great for all kinds of temperatures and weather~

my laptop, notebook, pencil case and vita are inside!

this backpack is pretty cute! it's fairly big inside so there are tonnes of room for school supplies, your laptop, your portable video game systems, gym clothes, dance wear, etc~ it's super fuzzy all around, too, so it's always comfortable against your back and on your shoulders! plus, it's luna from sailor moon! how cute can you get? heehee~ it's definitely a must have for any sailor moon fan! the only thing is that the backpack itself is far too dark and outside my colour scheme for me to ever use myself (hopefully one day, the maker of the backpack will make a white artemis backpack that i could use! >.<)


♡ wearing ♡
bobon21 pink blouse / white sheer skirt / 'ghost' pin
spreepicky pink cat tights / pink and white flats

♡ wearing ♡
spreepicky donut tee / jeannie nitro pink velvet shorts / capezio ballet tights

♡ wearing ♡
pink flower clips / white lace choker / 'i love you' pin
bobon21 white blouse / pink lace liz lisa skirt
spreepicky sheer heart tights / aa ruffle socks / pin heart creepers

i hope you all enjoyed my review~ i know there was A LOT  of pictures! there was just so many lovely items to review~ heehee. i am absolutely in love with all of my tights, heehee. 

happy shopping, sweeties~


  1. you look so cute ohmygosh ^^
    those kitty tights are too cute for words and i love the backpack too.
    lovely post hun

    1. right?? ohmygoodness, i've been eying those tights for over a year now. i kept seeing them online but i've been too scared to go for them because i didn't know how they would look in person. but they're so comfy and so incredibly cute and definitely one of my favourite pair of tights ever ♡♡

  2. I really love all things here!!! especially the tee! i want it too<333

    Visit my blog<33 Adventure of p-chan!

  3. The sailormoon backpack is the cutest thing i've seen today! Richard Butler Creagh