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what is your name?
emmeline! (emm-muh-line) you can call me emme, emmy, etc~

how old are you?
twenty one~

where are you from?
a sleepy place in super east canada!

how tall are you?
my height is my only measurement i give out! i am five foot on the dot~ please do not ask for my weight or specific measurements unless you are a sponsor seeking to custom make / send something to me. i usually take a size extra small, us size two, uk size four / six and aus size six.

tattoos / piercings? 
piercings; belly button and inverse belly button, right ear: heart shaped daith piercing, left ear: two fossa piercings (the third being done the summer).
tattoos; one on my right rib cage, one on my right hip, one on the inside of my right wrist and one on the outside, three on the inside of my left wrist, one in the middle of my solar plexus, two on the top of both thighs, one on my finger, one behind my left ear and one on the back of neck. (appointment for both feet; july seventh and tenth)

 my thigh pieces were designed by and given permission to be tattooed on me by elie !!

what camera do you use?
i use my iphone 5c for most photos, but for videos and shoots i will use my canon t3i!

you are all my fellow little deers and you're all darling to my heart for following my blog and i~ ♡

what is your hair routine?
i don't ever dry my hair with the dryer; i always let it dry on its own over night. i brush it, but i do not put any extra product or style it with heat unless for a show or special occasion. i use john frieda's simply blonde shampoo and condition or dove's natural oils shampoo and conditioner treatment.

is that your real hair / do you wear extensions / what dye do you use, etc.?
i have been seeing the same colourist for the past six years. i have no idea what toner she uses. every nine weeks, i get my roots done and upper layers what hairstylists call 'shattered'. because my colourist and i are so close, i'll come in and ask her for 'snowy blonde', 'cupcake blonde', 'champagne bubbly blonde'. as for my hair style, i literally took in a picture of a gyaru wig and took inspiration from that. most often i try to keep my bangs uber short, but sometimes i keep them long to side sweep them. it changes often! i don't wear any extensions or anything different with it otherwise. i've been layering and thinning my hair for about five years, so there are ten million layers in it now~

what is your makeup routine?
i don't really have a clue about make up, so i usually just do eye makeup. i don't own any foundation. i'll use sunscreen to protect my skin, but that's about it!

where do you get your clothes?
i hunt around online a lot~ i love treasure hunting! i barely buy anything in the town i live in unless it's thrifted and cheap. i pretty much buy anything girly and pastel~ my favourite brands are wildfox, american apparel, for love and lemons, unif, brandy melville, h&m, this is a love song, and y.r.u. anything babydoll or ballerina inspired.

 what systems do you own?
i own a ps2, ps3, ps4, psvita - (i am a sony girl, can't you tell?) - gamecube and 3ds~

sponsorship opportunity?
if you have any sponsorship opportunities and wish to work with me, you can contact me through a variety of ways. as long as it is within my style or within a hobby i enjoy, i would love to be of any help i can!

you can email me at; transparentfawn@gmail.com

further contact.
if you have any additional questions or comments or even suggestions, you can always comment below the post! i have a wide variety of social networking sites listed as well that i respond to as often as i can.

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